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The Parish Church of

St Matthew Oxhey

 Fr David Shepherd   Vicar

Fr David Shepherd

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Parish Pages

S. Matthew with S. Francis

All except one of these magazines are from the early 1960s. They were published by:

Home Words Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. 11 Ludgate Square, EC4

The magazine Parish Pages was distributed in a number of different parishes. The middle 16 numbered pages were a general publication, and the outer unnumbered pages; four at the front, four at the back, contained news and notices specific to the parish. The inside front cover listed the clergy, churchwardens, organist and other church officials for the Parish of Oxhey, as well as the times of regular services.

The Oxhey Parish Magazine from December 1949 is a different publication, including services for St Matthew’s, St Alphege in Carpenders Park and Oxhey Chapel. Inside were the Diocesan Leaflet and The Symbol. It predates the church on the South Oxhey Estate.

January 1962 (File size 8.6MB): Assistant Priest Rev. Sydney Cade announces the appointment of a new parish priest, Rev. R W R Peverley.

The previous incumbent, Fr Bernard Edmonds thanks the congregation for the presents given to him and his wife at the Christmas Fair, including the Electrolux vacuum cleaner, presented to Mrs Frances Edmonds. She was genuinely thrilled.

Mrs B G Stone (Bath), gives a Canadian recipe for mint jelly. Enjoy!

July 1963 (File size 9.55MB): A printing error has included two pages from the magazine entry for St. Nicholas' Church, Barton-le-Clay Bedfordshire. Meanwhile, our vicar warns against  the media; the press, cinema and radio/television:”There are powerful interests at work whose sole aim is to enrich themselves by the quite undisguised exploitation of human weakness in the realms of vice, lewd literature, immorality and other forms of depravity.” The magazine’s ‘centrefold’ feature exposes the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church in the USSR.

December 1962 (File size 8.4MB): On Wednesday 9th January Mrs Cheese will be speaking on “The work of the Mothers’ Union Watch and Social Committee” - not much scope for humour...

The vicar bemoans the commercialisation of Christmas and Mrs Boskey has organised a Whist Drive to be held at 71 Villiers Road on 12th December; proceeds to the Sunday School. Meanwhile, the Youth Fellowship will have a Sausage Sizzle on Sunday 9th December.

July 1962 (File size 8.4MB): The huge Victorian Vicarage was being split into two, with a 5 bedroom portion for the vicar and his family. The future of the remainder had not been decided. In Weekday pages for Women Mrs Winnett of Harlow explains how to make Yorkshire Pudding lighter and more digestible. The advertisement for Tremol explains how it will free you from  ‘leg trouble’ so that you will “Do your housework with ease and your shopping becomes a pleasure.” What heavenly bliss!

December 1963 (File size 7MB): The Vicar is trying to recruit more bell ringers. Between 70 & 80 choristers are expected for the Choir Festival at St Matthew’s on 7th Dec. Orient Tours of 87 Regent Street advertise 15 days in the Holy Land by air for 112 Guineas. Patrick Maple and Terry Piper are producing a Nativity Play to be performed on Saturday, Sunday & Monday 21st - 23rd December. November’s firework party regrettably had to be cancelled, but the weather was bad anyway.

August1963 (File size 7.26MB): Work has started on the foundations for the new church hall. St Francis' Garden Party, at which there were nearly 40 entries in the Fancy Dress Parade, raised about £114. The insert has an article about redundant churches by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas of Friends of the Friendless Churches.

Mrs H Harrison of York explains how to keep the various coloured wools separate when knitting a Fair Isle jumper. The Valley Car & Taxi Service advertises its “Radio Controlled Cars.”

June 1964 (File size 6.9MB): The Vicar writes on the proposed Anglican Methodist Union. The new Hall is complete and work is starting on repairing the drive and landscaping the grounds. In the centrefold, Christopher Smith, the 13 year old Head Chorister at Canterbury Cathedral, describes his life as a chorister. The Women’s page tells how to clean behind the metal dialling ring of your telephone. The assistant priest in charge of St Francis’s in Oaklands Avenue appeals for an improvement in attendance at Sunday Evensong.

January 1965 (File size 7MB): Canon J N D Kelly rejects sex outside marriage and the “New Morality”. An article describes the plight of vicars’ wives who lose  husband, home and livelihood if their husbands die. At St Francis’ the Christmas Fayre was opened by the well-known television actor Mr Frank Williams. The nett taking were £116 14s 5d. Mrs Varney demonstrated to the Young Wives how to use leaves for decoration at Christmas. A final thought from St Francis’ pages: “When you bury the hatchet, be careful not to mark the spot”.

February 1965 (File size 7.5MB): A short report on the panto Aladdin and his wonderful lamp. In the main magazine the Rev Sir Patrick Ferguson-Davie Bt., chaplain to the Bishop of Exeter, writes on exorcism and you can learn ‘How to renovate an altar frontal for Easter’. An advertisement for Brazier’s Carpenders Park Dairy states:

“Let your local Dairy Farmer supply you with Milk. A postcard or phone call will bring our representative to your door”. Who needs internet shopping?

July1965 (File size 7.9MB): Former vicar of St Matthew’s Rev JVL Casserley, Prof. Of Theology at the General Theological Seminar New York: “Christians in the 20thC have now experienced the full impact of the world’s hostility and indifference.” but ”the Church ... is stronger than the world.” Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Michael Ramsey, defends the fact of the Resurrection. The BBC ends “Lift Up Your Hearts” after 25 years.  The BBC says that when it was designed, most listeners would be nominally Christian. “In 1965 this cannot be assumed.”