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The Parish Church of

St Matthew Oxhey

 Fr David Shepherd   Vicar

Fr David Shepherd

01923 241420

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PCC Meetings

There are roughly 4 or 5 meetings a year. For each:

See PCC Meetings for full details.


Election of Churchwardens/Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

These meeting occur annually, usually in April, and follow very similar formats from year to year, so that documents can often be reused, with only minor changes, from year to year.

At least 2 Sundays before these meetings, place notice of Election meeting & Notice of APCM on the notice board in the church porch.


Election of Churchwardens

This a very short meeting, held a few minutes before the APCM where the Churchwardens are elected.



This is the meeting where the congregation elects members of the PCC and receives reports on the year’s finances and general progress.


After these two meetings

See APCM for full details.



This is any other secretarial work, including: