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Archived Sermons 2011 onwards



25 December Christmas How do you give people a glimpse of something holy when we’re all up to our necks in the manure of being alive right now?



25 December Christmas As we gather here around Christmas light shining in the darkness, we offer our vulnerability to God who shares our fragility in the infant Christ-child.

22 September Sally’s Silver Sermon One of her favourite quotes is the definition of an atheist as “a person with no invisible means of support”. Throughout her ministry was very conscious of a huge invisible support from so many people.

31 April Easter Sunday Arguing about religion remains popular. It can be good hearted; it can also turn nasty, leading to violence and discrimination.



25 December Christmas 2012 In this holy night we learn and discover where God is to be found; in imaginative story telling, in the stark realities of human existence, in the love shown to a new born child.

October Tom Preston RIP: This is  a tribute to Tom, written by his son Terry and read out at his funeral.

24 June St John The Baptist It was a time of rejoicing, of celebration. Elizabeth and Zechariah, a devout, aged couple, had finally, impossibly, miraculously been blessed with a son.

10 June Trinity 1 All is never well in paradise! Human beings dream of paradise, we imagine it, want to buy into it, but it eludes us.

3 June Trinity Sunday In the West if we approach the Trinity at all, we do so as a kind of intellectual puzzle, something mathematical to be solved, a matter for male philosophical discussion.

17 May Ascension Day Jesus was born, lived and died in particular place and time. Now through the Holy Spirit he is everywhere, he lives.

11 March, Lent 3 God gives us ten things we shall not do. (Thou shalt not!) When we remove the archaic references to slaves and cattle, and the embarrassing mention of God punishing unto the fourth generation, and allow for a generous inclusion of other faiths, they still form a pretty good guide as to how to live well.

26 February, Lent 1 I must confess to a dislike of overly long services. Like my university chaplain I believe liturgy should have pace. When I was a curate the gravedigger much preferred my funerals. I was 10 minutes quicker than the rector. He could fill in sooner & get home for his tea or head to the pub.

12 February, Second Sunday Before Lent ‘This is the word of the Lord’. So says the reader at the end of the Bible readings in the Eucharist. ‘Is it?’ we may sometimes wonder, particularly when the passage offends our modern sensibilities.

5 February, Third Sunday before Lent Today we read of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law. We are not told if Peter got on with her although the inference is that he did, given the atmosphere of care & concern.

15 January, Covenant Service In biblical terms covenant is about a relationship between God and God’s people, about the promise that he will act out of love, for our good.

1 January, Naming & Circumcision of Jesus. He was circumcised because he was Jewish, in obedience to the law, for our sake, as the collect puts it. He was also named Jesus, ‘the name above all names’, that has to do with salvation.



25 December, Christmas is a feast of wine & rich food shared before a blazing fire. It brings us cheer in the depths of winter. It is no accident that the 4th century Church turned the Roman midwinter feast into the feast of Christ’s birth – Christmas.

4 December, Advent 2, Fr. Tony Meek - Mark has arranged his telling of the events of Jesus’ earthly ministry so that the narrative moves us at a great pace from Nazareth to Jerusalem, to the Cross and through to the Resurrection.

27 November, Advent 1, Fr. Tony Meek - Educationalists and advertisers never cease to stress the importance of visual aids. Some regard this as something new, but the Church has been into visual aids from its very earliest days.


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