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The Parish Church of

St Matthew Oxhey

 Fr David Shepherd   Vicar

Fr David Shepherd

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The Original Vicarage

This was contemporary with the church, but because it was behind the church few photographs of it remain.

It was certainly vast. In 1962, it was divided in two for the incoming Vicar Fr Peverley. The portion occupied by the vicar still had 5 bedrooms upstairs, with a kitchen, dining room, living room and study downstairs.

 One of the few pictures of the vicarage is in this photograph. It can be dated to sometime around the 1890s - the vestry of 1891 is visible at the west end of the church, but Kingsfield Road, built in the early 1900s, is nowhere to be seen.

A further photograph from the 1950s shows the west front of the house. “Paul Temple”, actor Peter Coke (pronounced Cooke), with the Vicar Fr Bernard Edmonds and wife Frances, opens the Garden Party.


The Vicarage was increasingly outdated and impractical for modern living. It was replaced by a modern Vicarage and a small private housing development in St Matthew’s Close.  

Vicarage detail:

photo c.1890-1900

Church & Vicarage

photo c.1890-1900

Church & Vicarage photo mid-1950s